Days Charged and Prices



CATS - Our prices are 8 Euros per day, including all food and cleaning.  Cats sharing the same pen 7 Euros each. The total price will be payable on collection.   Payment for additional days will be due on collection of your cat. 


DOGS - Our prices are 14 Euros per day including all food and cleaning.  Dogs sharing the same pen 11 Euros each. The total price will be payable on collection. Payment for additional days will be due on collection of your dog.   

paw FOOD -  Should you wish to bring your own pet food please ensure it is clearly marked with the pets name and amount to be given.  No extra charge will be made for this.
paw VACCINATIONS - All dogs should be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepetitis, Leptosporosis, Parvovirus. Kennel cough is also recommended and Proof of vaccination MUST accompany your pet on arrival. Your vet can provide vaccine information.  New vaccination courses must have been completed at least 10 days before arrival.  In the case of kennel cough vaccine it can be administered up to 3 days before arrival. All cats should be vaccinated against feline enteritis and cat flu (annual booster should cover this). Rabies is only required if you are travelling from country to country.

It is in your and your animals interest to ensure their vaccinations are up to date. 

If your animals vaccines are not up to date, they are at risk of serious disease.  La Bedouce will not be held responsible for any illness or disease as a result of them not being vaccinated. Collection/delivery can be arranged-please ask at time of booking.


HEALTH A condition of boarding is that your pet is in a fit and healthy condition.  In the event your pet(s) show signs of illness, we will contact you or your emergency contact immediately to discuss the situation and if necessary take your pet to our own vet. This amount will be payable by you when you collect your pet. We accept no liability in the unlikely event your pet becomes ill, lost or dies during their stay as the environment is safe and thoroughly cleaned.  All pets are left entirely at the owner's risk.

paw Special needs catered for whenever possible. We are happy to give basic medication free of charge and would ask that it is clearly marked for the dosage to be given and the pets name.
paw NON-COLLECTION - If pets are NOT collected within 7 days of the date on which they are due to leave La Bedouce, and no communication is received from the owner, a decision to rehome the pet will be made at La Bedouce owners' discretion.

In the event of any cancellations we ask that you give as much notice as possible so we can accommodate other clients

We reserve the right to refuse to board to any animal without reason given.